Icon showing a lock and fuel pump depicting Coencorp's SM2 automatic fuel management solutions.


SM2 Fuel

  • Automatic management of mobile fueling: from big tanker trucks to small day tanks on the back of pickups
  • Automatic management of fuel tanks and deliveries
  • Automatic management of fleet fueling facilities
  • Automatic management or remote tanks and generators 
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Map pin icon depicting Coencorp's SM2 Locate real-time bus tracking and driver log solutions. This also includes automatic passenger count and panic button for emergencies.


SM2 Locate

  • Géo-barrière, journal du conducteur, routage et lecture d'itinérairer.
  • Points d'entrée / sortie configurables
  • L’affichage graphique dynamique de toutes vos activités de flotte avec le module SM2 DYNAMIC DASHBOARD.
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Icon of gear in hand depicting Coencorp's SM2 sophisticated yet simple maintenance and work order management solutions also with automatic recall notifications.


SM2 Maintain

  • Maintenance and work order management
  • Automatic recall notifications
  • Parts tracking and inventory management
  • Automatic maintenance bay management
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Icon of a yard security vehicle gate depicting Coencorp's SM2 Secure system with automatic gate and door control and geo fencing parameters.


SM2 Secure

  • Automatic gate control
  • Automatic door control
  • Automatic control based on geo-fencing parameters
  • Automatic vehicle ID