RFID gate and door lock access control

fleet vehicle personnel security gate and door access control

Controlled access to gates and buildings is at the core of enterprise security and convenience.

Verify credentials and keep an accurate record of all comings and goings with keyless access control. Use the optimal mix that works best for you of RFID key cards, key fobs, and proximity or long-range readers.

Manage it all remotely from a central dashboard.

  • Use long-range or proximity readers to ID vehicles or trailers for automatic gate activation
  • Get an up-do-date inventory of assets at each site
  • Track movement of assets within each site
  • Control and log access to your buildings' exterior and interior doors
  • Group access points by departments for easier management of entry privileges
  • Set up automated access schedules to suit your needs
  • Grant or revoke privileges remotely and with immediate effectivity
  • Be notified when personnel who meet specific criteria (say, expired driver's license) request entry or exit
  • Be notified when vehicles that meet specific criteria (say, past due maintenance) request entry or exit

proximity card employee time clock

fleet security employee access electronic punch clocks

Record accurate employee time & attendance. Feed it easily, automatically, and on schedule to your payroll system.

Need we say more?

  • Compatible with any proximity cards and/or key fobs you may already be using
  • Use the same RFID cards and tags to punch in, fuel up, and open doors and gates
  • Rugged and reliable build, consistent with all SM2 hardware

reliable system components means a reliable access control system


From the biting cold of the Great White North to the scorching heat of Florida and Texas, SM2 has a proven track record of reliability you can trust.

We will draw upon a wide choice of  rugged RFID components to formulate the optimal mix that works best for you.

  • Rugged and reliable
  • Weatherproof
  • Versatile
  • Easy to install
  • No special programming/configuration required

SM2 Browser based management software


Easily monitor and manage all your sites and activities from a central, dynamic dashboard. Aggregate and filter information from different sources into ad hoc views, which you can name and save for frequent reuse.

Create your own custom dashboards and views, combined and presented to gain valuable business and operational insights.

  • Run it in-house or let us host and maintain it for you
  • User customizable dynamic dashboards
  • User customizable ad hoc views and subviews with aggregated sum/average functions
  • Automated reports
  • Powerful custom notifications engine triggered by any combination of system data or events
  • Setup and customization services

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Frequently Asked Questions About RFID Access Control Systems

What is an access control system?

Access control systems fall within the more general realm of  physical security. Access control systems are computer controlled security systems used to restrict access to physical premises such as yards and buildings, as well as controlling entry and/or exit within facilities such as yards and buildings.

Access control systems are not generally seen in residential settings but widely used by business, government, and other institutions who benefit from the increased security and productivity they provide.

How do access control systems work?

Modern access control systems use a combination of software and hardware to implement the required security. Controlled access to gates, buildings, and rooms is typically achieved using keyless entry devices such RFID badge cards, key fobs, or discs/plates.

These so-called "proximity tags" have unique serial numbers (much like bar codes) which are read in wireless, contactless fashion by door lock proximity readers. This RFID number is then validated by the control computer against a local or central "white list" before entry is granted through computerized activation of a door lock mechanism.

Well designed card reader door lock and gate lock systems include centralized management software to enable system administrators to efficiently manage multiple access points and facilities remotely, without the need to physically access the badges, key fobs, and other RFID devices in circulation.

Why would I need an access control system?

As an organization grows beyond a certain size, tracking a large number of keys quickly becomes unmanageable. Lost or damaged keys, door lock barrel changes, etc. begin to take a significant toll on productivity.

Furthermore, many highly desirable features of keyless access control systems are simply not possible with traditional key based door locks: remote access management, computerized record keeping of entry and/or exit events, and easy revocation of lost keys without the need to change locks to name a few.

How is SM2-SECURE a superior solution for organizations operating a vehicle fleet?

As a fully integrated module, SM2-SECURE works seamlessly and synergistically with other modules of the SM2 Fleet Management System.

As a result, SM2-SECURE delivers benefits that are simply impossible to achieve with stand alone building entry systems:

  • Drive-by identification of vehicles and/or trailers with data capture
  • Automatic verification of vehicle preventive maintenance status prior to granting entry or exit
  • Single badge or key fob used to access doors & gates, fuel dispensers, parts stock rooms, heavy equipment, and punch in and out of work
  • ...and more