Radically flexible maintenance plans and work orders

fleet maintenance mechanic working on a fleet vehicle - work order list being checked off with a red marker.

Reap the benefits of optimally planned preventive fleet maintenance. Fewer breakdowns and repairs, increased availability and longer useful life of your fleet assets, lower total cost of ownership and more.

Deliver superior customer service with a high performance fleet that's finely tuned using SM2-MAINTAIN's multi-trigger plan/job/task maintenance plan model.

Powerful, flexible, yet easy to set up and use.


  • Time-based maintenance plans
  • Meter-based maintenance plans
  • Usage-based maintenance plans set on any combination of time, meters and fuel/oil consumption
  • Track parts and labor with work orders
  • Get notifications of upcoming and past due maintenance
  • Create work orders ad hoc or directly from your notifications dashboard
  • Tend to other things while SM2-MAINTAIN tracks vehicle meters and fault codes and updates your maintenance status dashboard

Automated Engine Data Capture

Coencorp's vehicle data units to relay vital engine data to the fleet management system.

Never again deal with the tedious work of cleansing bad vehicle data. Erroneous data can trigger too early maintenance jobs or worse, maintenance that's missed or performed too late, leading to expensive breakdowns or accidents.

Schedule your preventive maintenance with extreme accuracy and less time using perfect vehicle data that updates itself automatically.


Select SM2-MAINTAIN's Vehicle Data Unit (VDU) if your vehicles periodically visit a site, making drive-by or fueling-time data capture possible:

  • No recurring fees
  • Automatic capture of vehicle meters, engine fault codes, and idling

Select SM2-MAINTAIN's Equipment Tracking Unit (ETU) if your vehicles rarely or never return to site. Capture all the same data as VDU plus:

  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) GPS tracking
  • Geofencing
  • More vehicle telematics, including driver identification and ignition interlocking
Both VDU and ETU are plug-and-play, cutting down enormously on installation time.

SM2 Browser based management software


Easily monitor and manage all your sites and activities from a central, dynamic dashboard. Aggregate and filter information from different sources into ad hoc views, which you can name and save for frequent reuse.

Create your own custom dashboards and views, combined and presented to gain valuable business and operational insights.

  • Run it in-house or let us host and maintain it for you
  • User customizable dynamic dashboards
  • User customizable ad hoc views and subviews with aggregated sum/average functions
  • Automated reports
  • Powerful custom notifications engine triggered by any combination of system data or events
  • Setup and customization services

PArts inventory management

fleet-maintenance-management-spare-parts-inventory -1

Expert fleet maintenance management involves many moving parts (literally!) Controlling an in-house parts inventory can feel like a daunting task.

KISS it: Keep It Simple and Smart. SM2-MAINTAIN dispenses with complications that slow you up and instead delivers the core features you need to have the right parts in the right place at the right time.

  • Set and get notifications triggered by easily configurable reorder levels
  • Readily locate your parts by warehouse and shelf ID
  • Link vendors and manufacturers for easy purchasing
  • Leverage traceable parts to manage tires, track warranties and reduce shrinkage
  • Create custom views and dashboards to break out parts needed for upcoming jobs, parts consumed by specific vehicles or vehicle classes, costs and quantities, etc.—SM2-MAINTAIN can bend to the way you work
  • Reduce shrinkage by reconciling inventory with purchases and parts consumed
  • Save time with SM2-MAINTAIN's rich import/export functionality


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Frequently Asked Questions About Fleet Maintenance Management

What is Fleet Maintenance Management?

Fleet maintenance refers to the process of repair and upkeep of vehicles owned by a business or an organization. ... Coming down to the math, you'll realize that it costs the company more in losses and wasted time and productivity when there's no proper authority handling fleet maintenance or management.

What is the best fleet maintenance management software?

The best fleet management software is one that accommodates and is customizable to fit your specific fleet demands.  No two fleets are the same and a off-the-shelve maintenance management software will not provide the value your fleet demands. Fleet management should integrate with fuel management, vehicle location software and overall fleet security so all work in harmony.


For  the maintenance, work orders should be automatically generated with automatic alerts to all team members involved. Accurate vehicle data capture such as odometer readings, operation hours, idling time, managing parts inventory and smart maintenance scheduling should be just some of the features a good maintenance management software should provide.

What does a fleet maintenance manager do?

The responsibilities of a fleet maintenance manager is to manage the repairs and mechanical integrity of a fleet of vehicles or equipment for an organization.  Fleets come in all shapes and sizes from public transit buses, public works vehicles, school and charter buses, heavy equipment associated with mines, lumbering, agriculture and construction. The maintenance manager is responsible for keeping the fleet running with minimal breakdown and avoiding production shut-downs due to poorly maintained vehicle equipment.  


Often the fleet maintenance manager will have previous experience as a vehicle repair, equipment technician or overall maintenance in that specific industry.

How do I reduce fleet maintenance costs?

Reducing fleet maintenance costs are often a result of a strict and rigorous preventative maintenance schedule that is closely adhered to. Properly maintained vehicles suffer fewer breakdowns or accidents which then affects production which can be a much higher cost to the organization. Poorly maintained fleets can cause accidental injury to drivers, company personnel or innocent bystanders.  The effects on an organization’s insurance can be monumental.

How can I track fleet maintenance?

A fleet maintenance software needs to be integrated so vital operating parameters of the vehicle are routinely collected and maintenance frequencies can be accurately established. The software needs to also coordinate the service technicians along with parts inventory so everything is in place when the scheduled maintenance is to be performed.