SM2-Fuel Mobile: extensive data collection and Speedier fuel runs

Various electronic hardware peripherals for Coencorp's SM2 Mobile Fuel management system

The immense volumes of fuel dispensed during on-site refueling of heavy equipment are vital to accurate project costing—they must be tracked and accounted for.

SM2-FUEL MOBILE collects on-site refueling data from your fuel trucks automatically and stores it to a central database for consolidated reporting.

Hands-free operation, rugged construction, compact form factor: you will value and enjoy how SM2-FUEL MOBILE speeds up fuel runs in tough, real world conditions.

  • Track every drop of product pumped by your fuel trucks
  • Avert dispensing the wrong product in multi-hose configurations
  • Reconcile fuel consumption to purchases and inventories
  • Speed up fuel runs by eliminating manual data logging
  • Gratify fuel truck operators with our compact, user friendly RF Authorizer
  • Increase security by unlocking fueling only in geo-fenced areas
  • Exploit real time views of tanker truck stock levels
  • Automatically collect critical equipment data during refueling: run time, PTO, fault codes, temperature, pressure, et al.

SM2 Browser based management software


Easily monitor and manage all your sites and activities from a central, dynamic dashboard. Aggregate and filter information from different sources into ad hoc views, which you can name and save for frequent reuse.

Create your own custom dashboards and views, combined and presented to gain valuable business and operational insights.

  • Run it in-house or let us host and maintain it for you
  • User customizable dynamic dashboards
  • User customizable ad hoc views and subviews with aggregated sum/average functions
  • Automated reports
  • Powerful custom notifications engine triggered by any combination of system data or events
  • Setup and customization services

SM2-FuelUp: fuel transfer tank management system


You may also need a more lightweight solution for on-site refueling. We've got that covered too!

SM2-FUELUP is compact, robust, and affordable: a perfect fit for skid mounted fuel tanks and pickup truck mounted transfer tanks.

  • Manage up to 2 hoses with a single SM2-FUELUP Pump Control Unit
  • Access fuel through a handy mobile app
  • See fueling transactions in your SM2 software as they occur
  • Benefit from the power of SM2 management software: centralized dashboard, automated reports, customized exception notifications, etc.
  • Monitor levels remotely and record fuel deliveries with optional electronic probes


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Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Fleet Fuel Management

How do I better manage fuel for my mobile fleet?

The best way to do a better job is to  automate your mobile fuel system. 

  • Eliminate manual fuel data entries by making this operation hands-free. 
  • Deliver fuel only to authorized vehicles and equipment. 
  • Incorporate tank level probes so equipment and generators never run dry.
  • When remotely fueling equipment, collect other vital data to assist your fleet preventative maintenance program.
  • Automate your fuel consumption to purchase reconciliation.
  • Automatically send daily, weekly and monthly reports to the right stakeholders.
What does a mobile fuel management system do?

A fully automatic and integrated mobile fuel management system will do several things for you:

  • Ensure your remote fleet operations will never run out of fuel.
  • Accounts for all fuel delivered to heavy equipment, generators, fleet vehicles.
  • Prevents fraud, theft and discourages wasteful practices in the field operations.
  • Delivering fuel to vital production vehicles and equipment can involve long distance deliveries - make sure you deliver to where fuel is needed.
How do you control fuel in my field operations so vital equipment never runs dry?

Incorporate level probes in your fuel tanks to continuously monitor fuel available and automatically alert you to dispatch your fuel tanker to top off so your electric generators keep running.

How can I prevent theft within my remote fueling operations?

For remote fueling operations, adopt the necessary hardware peripherals so authorized vehicles and equipment are automatically identified thus allowing the fueling process to begin.  For remote storage tanks, secure the perimeter to only allow authorized fuel trucks to enter the facility to load more fuel.

How can a mobile fuel management solution improve my construction operations?

Construction projects often occur in remote areas under extreme weather and with limited access to power and fuel. This means fuel must be delivered to vehicles, equipment and generators so operations can continue with limited downtime.