GeoFence Based events and Notifications

200-foot elevated view of a city with an electronically defined GPS, telelmatic  secure area for fleets using Coencorp's SM2 Secure System

Leverage the power of always being there without actually being there. SM2-LOCATE geofencing works in synergy with its sophisticated notifications engine to deliver you next-level fleet productivity.

  • Erect geofences and tie them to notifications
  • Prevent vehicle theft and unauthorized joyrides
  • Measure worker efficiency by  recording dwell time at job (or coffee break) sites
  • Corroborate overtime claimed at job sites and get data to feed your payroll system

Far-reaching Attendance Tracking

Dashboard in construction equipment with card reader and electronic telematic data unit which ends worker data by GPS to Fleet manager

Cure your attendance tracking headaches while increasing productivity and safety.

Just look at how some out-of-the box thinking—combined with SM2-LOCATE telematics—can simplify your fleet and personnel management life.

  • Increase employee accountability
  • Prevent payroll errors
  • Increase safety by validating that employee is qualified to operate equipment
  • Get double confirmation of employee presence through RFID card and seat sensor
  • Track equipment location, run time, and engine data

Municipal and state snow removal management 

A municipal snow plow and truck removing snow while connected to Coencorp's SM2 Locate fleet telematics GPS asset Management System

A perfect example of SM2-LOCATE going the extra mile to solve a complex problem: snow removal management.

By adding a thin layer of software configuration to our core GPS/telematics functionality, we deliver an elegant solution that saves time and money, improves service, and increases safety.

Get a mapped record of snow removal and salt spreading:

  • Record route followed by equipment
  • Record shovel up/down and other accessories
  • Record salt spreading: none/low/high
  • Record outside temperature
  • Customizable exception notifications

Streamline and automate snow depot management:

  • Timestamped entry & exit
  • Dwell time
  • Volume of snow discharged
  • Number of trips
  • Trip time
  • No readers or other on-site equipment

Connect To and Keep Track of Multiple Onboard Systems

An electronic tracking unit used on fleet vehicles to track location, speed, function and other vital data.

Get started and harness the capabilities of the SM2-LOCATE Equipment Tracking Unit: it's small, strong, and smarter than you'd think.

And it's affordable to deploy on fleets large, mid-size, or small.

  • Implements GPS and telematics
  • Rugged, compact form factor
  • Built-in cellular works everywhere in North America and Europe
  • 6 inputs, 1 output
  • 1 year warranty
  • Card reader interface

Browser based management software

Computer screenshots showing the data collected and displayed from a Coencorp ETU fleet telematics unit.

Easily monitor and manage all your sites and activities from a central, dynamic dashboard. Aggregate and filter information from different sources into ad hoc views, which you can name and save for frequent reuse.

Create your own custom dashboards and views, combined and presented to gain valuable business and operational insights.

  • Run it in-house or let us host and maintain it for you
  • User customizable dynamic dashboards
  • User customizable ad hoc views and subviews with aggregated sum/average functions
  • Automated reports
  • Powerful custom notifications engine triggered by any combination of system data or events
  • Setup and customization services

Explore our other advanced fleet management solutions

Fuel Island controller beside a fuel tanker truck for mobile remote fueling.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Automatic Vehicle Location Systems

What does AVL mean in fleet management?

The acronym ‘AVL’ stands for automatic vehicle location and this is accomplished with the use of GPS or telematics. Fleet managers now have the opportunity to monitor their fleet, performance and issues in real time if an AVL system is incorporated within a truly integrated fleet management system. Knowing where all fleet vehicles are at all times, which are in need of maintenance, vehicle operating KPIs and fuel levels help fleet managers do their job in real-time.

What can I, as a fleet manager, do with AVL?

The most effective thing a fleet manager can do with their fleet telematics system is to integrate this technology and information into the enterprise fleet management software so  receive real-time information and then automate this information into automated alerts, work orders and reports.

What additional information does an 'AVL' system give me as a fleet manager?

An Automatic Vehicle Location System provides a fleet manager with real-time answers often required to manage a fleet properly. Answers to questions such as:
- Where are my vehicles at this  point in time?
- What are my vehicles or equipment doing?
- Are my vehicles in authorized areas?
- What direction are my vehicles traveling?
- Who  is operating a specific vehicle?
- Which vehicle or equipment needs fuel?