Electric Bus Management for the Public Transit Industry

Clear up the fog surrounding electric bus performance with SM2’s Intelligent Vehicle Unit

Smart, Context-based Range Prediction

Optimally deploy your buses; the system delivers all the data needed to predict each battery's range on a given day based on:

  • the weather: a bus's heater, air conditioner, windshield wipers, and other systems will each drain the battery at different rates, thus affecting expected range 
  • the route: uphill and downhill portions, traffic lights, stop signs—predicted battery drain and energy recuperation will change based on what the route looks like 
  • the "personality" of each bus: even within the same make and model, one bus's predicted range will differ from another's—even on the same day and route 

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Electric buses parked side by side while charging the battery.





Track and Monitor in Real-Time 

  • Your fleet at a glance: see the state of charge and consumption data in real-time on an interactive map
  • No costly service interruptions: ensure no bus leaves the bay without sufficient charge for the route it is assigned
  • Audit EV makers' claims: get accurate, impartial data across all bus makes and models, empowering you to make superior procurement decisions. 

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Could a fleet management system do it all?

We provide more than simple electric bus and battery management for the public transit industry. Where others complement their systems with third party apps and integrations, SM2 offers you the whole package in a seamlessly integrated platform. As entertaining as they can be, we believe hard to control monsters stitched together from different parts should be confined to old horror films! 

SM2 is a unique multifunctional system that delivers end-to-end fleet management whether your operation spans just one, or hundreds of sites. Benefit from our fully integrated platform to manage your fleet of buses and service vehicles.


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Frequently Asked Questions for Electric Fleet Management

What is EV fleet management?

EV fleet management incorporates the traditional fleet management principles and applies these concepts to electric vehicles and the challenges fleet managers face with the electrification of their fleets. EV fleet management will assess adequate changing infrastructures and facilitate the needs of fleet operators of electric vehicles.

What is range anxiety in electric vehicles?

Range anxiety is the fear an operator experiences that the electric vehicle will have sufficient charge to accomplish its duty and tasks. 

How do you overcome range anxiety in EV?

Proper education of EV operators and solid planning will go a long way in relieving range anxiety. For fleet managers, being able to hold operators accountable for diligent battery charging and battery efficiency monitoring in a variety of climate conditions will go a long way in improving this feeling among operators.

I am in the process of electrifying my fleet. Do I need a separate fleet management platform?

With Coencorp’s SM2 Fleet Management solution, the answer is no. We have built our system to accommodate the unique needs associated with electric fleets. SM2 will also manage your maintenance, telematics, traditional hydrocarbon fuel and security access requirements on one platform. One provider and one call for support to address your questions as you transition your fleet to electric.

Various department personnel have access to my fleet of EV’s, can I monitor and account for EV usage by department?

Yes, you can. If you have several departments that have access to your electric vehicles, you can monitor who accesses an EV and for how long. This can assist in account operational and maintenance costs to the departments that have utilized the EVs.