GPS Tracking and Telematics for Fleets

Go Beyond Basic Telematics

  • Track each asset's location & status: equipment location, run time, PTO, engine data, and more
  • Track each asset's driver/operator: who is using each equipment and the time they spent on each job
  • Track driver behavior: be notified of dangerous or sub-optimal driving habits
  • Track each asset's actual—not software estimated—fuel consumption: accurate costing of current projects, accurate bidding on future projects

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Track Everything that Matters to You

  • Implements GPS and telematics: real-time location and engine data: machine hours, mileage, fault codes, idle time, etc.
  • Card reader interface: track, in real-time, who is operating each unit and for how long
  • Multiple sensors: connect to and keep track of multiple onboard systems
  • Rugged, compact form factor: made to withstand the harshest environments 

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Erect Intelligent Geofences

  • Be in the loop wherever your are: stay up-to-date on field activity by setting up geofences and tying them to notifications
  • Reduce costs: prevent vehicle theft and unauthorized joyrides, and decrease your insurance premiums
  • Measure worker efficiency: record dwell time at job (or coffee break) sites
  • Avoid payroll errors: corroborate overtime claimed at job sites and get data to feed your payroll system

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Could a fleet management system do it all?

We provide more than simple asset tracking for fleets. Where others complement their systems with third party apps and integrations, SM2 offers you the whole package in a seamlessly integrated platform. As entertaining as they can be, we believe hard to control monsters stitched together from different parts should be confined to old horror films! 

SM2 is a unique multifunctional system that delivers end-to-end fleet management whether your operation spans just one, or hundreds of sites. Benefit from our fully integrated platform to manage:


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