Icon showing a lock and fuel pump depicting Coencorp's SM2 automatic fuel management solutions.


SM2 Fuel

  • Record and manage fuel drops at mine sites
  • Manage fuel distribution
  • Control and record mobile fueling transactions
  • Manage and track generator fuel consumption and tank levels
  • Manage your fuel tanks
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Map pin icon depicting Coencorp's SM2 Locate real-time bus tracking and driver log solutions. This also includes automatic passenger count and panic button for emergencies.


SM2 Locate

  • Real-time vehicle tracking and driver log
  • Automatic geo-fence based controls and notifications
  • Real-time tracking of on-board systems
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Icon of gear in hand depicting Coencorp's SM2 sophisticated yet simple maintenance and work order management solutions also with automatic recall notifications.


SM2 Maintain

  • Manage maintenance plans and work orders, including generator maintenance 
  • Track parts and warranties
  • Manage parts inventory
  • Be automatically notified when equipment is due for maintenance
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Icon of a yard security vehicle gate depicting Coencorp's SM2 Secure system with automatic gate and door control and geo fencing parameters.


SM2 Secure

  • Contrôle automatisé des barrières
  • Contrôle automatisée des portes
  • Contrôle automatisé selon géo-barrières paramétrables
  • Identification automatique des véhicules