SM2-FuelUp Fuel Management System for Small Fleets

Minimal Setup, Maximum Value, 24/7 Dispenser Control 

FuelUp Controls Pump-with SM2 Screenshots



Operating a small fleet or several transfer tanks for refueling in the field is costly. Moreover you are well aware of the importance of tracking the major expenses—fuel and vehicle maintenance. But implementing the systems that manage those cash drains is often cost prohibitive and simply not an option on a tight budget.

We feel your pain.

We have designed a system with minimal hardware and infrastructure requirements, without compromising on functionality and scalability. And you manage it all with SM2, the same advanced software that powers our flagship offering.

Ideal for Managing Transfer Tanks

FuelUp fuel management system on transfer tank on a half ton truck complete with control hardware and cell phone app.
SM2-FUELUP is compact, robust, and affordable: a perfect fit for skid mounted fuel tanks and pickup truck mounted transfer tanks.
  • Manage up to 2 hoses with a single SM2-FUELUP Pump Control Unit
  • Access fuel through a handy mobile app
  • See fueling transactions in your SM2 software as they occur
  • Benefit from the power of SM2 management software: centralized dashboard, automated reports, customized exception notifications, etc.


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